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Cathédrale_Saint-Augustin_-_1I went to Mass with some friends the other day and what a wonderful experience it was. I have not been inside a church for years.

When we were sent to a French Catholic School “Sacre Coeur” decades ago in Beijing, China, my father explained to us that he wanted us to learn French and British English – but not to become Catholics. He said we could wait till we were older then decide what religion we wanted to practice.

My parents often traveled and when they did we were sent to the school as boarders. We loved living there. The Catholic nuns came from Europe and two from America. We loved going to Mass and Benediction. The chapel was covered with white flowers, and everything was in white and gold. It was all in Latin, and when the nuns sang I could imagine angels floating around. The incense that enveloped the church made me dreamy and saintly and I knew how beautiful heaven must be. Read More


kindle-cover-1Chi Newman is pleased to announce the release of My China, My World, her second book about her exceptional life experiences and travels that took her literally “around the world.” The paperback and Kindle versions are both now available on The paperback was released on August 7, 2014.

My China, My World not only continues from where Chi’s first book left off, but goes back and fills in some details that expand on events she described in Farewell, My Beijing: The Long Journey from China to Tucson.

My China, My World

Richard Newman, Chi’s husband, contributed major segments for two of the chapters in the new book. Readers familiar with Farewell… should enjoy reading his accounts of when he met Chi, how their romance led to a long and eventful marriage, and his own recollection of being kidnapped by Guatemalan rebels in 1980.

Readers of Chi’s first book know that Chi did not just “travel” around the world. Chi actually lived and worked in Asia, Europe, Africa, South and Central America – and, of course, in the United States. Through it all, she found ways to adapt to local customs, learned to communicate with people of all cultures and languages, and managed to have fun and raise a family. Read More


Chi Newman at home.Welcome to my website and blog. I am looking forward to having all of my friends to keep in touch and to visit this site from time to time.

I plan on sharing stories from my book, Farewell, My Beijing: The Long Journey from China to Tucson, as well as my latest book, My China, My World.  Both books are available on in paperback and Kindle ebook versions.

From time to time I’ll let you know what I am up to and what my friends and I are doing.

I’ll also let you know how my books are selling and share some reviews and testimonials that I’ve received about it.

I am also contributing articles to, a journal style website with lots of news articles and opinion pieces. I have permission to post my articles here as well, so be sure to check in and read them. Please feel free to add your own comments as well. I’d love to know what you think.